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Rodica Ceterchi – Book chapters and contributions

  1. R. Ceterchi
    Data Structures and Algorithms: Mathematical Aspects and Applications Part I Elementary Data Structures (in Romanian)
    Edit. Univ. Bucuresti, 2001, (177 pag.) (ISBN 973-575-594-7)
  2. R. Ceterchi
    Marcus Contextual Grammars,
    chapter 17 of “Formal Languages and Applications” (C, Martin-Vide, V. Mitrana, Gh. Păun Eds.), (ISSN 1434-9922, ISBN 3-540-20907-7, 620 p.) Vol. 148 Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing Series, Editor in Chief Janusz Kacprzyk,
    Springer Verlag, Berlin, Heilderberg, New York, 2004, p. 335-366
  3. R. Ceterchi, D. Sburlan
    Membrane Computing and Computer Science
    Chapter 22 in “The Oxford Handbook of Membrane Computing” (G. Păun, G. Rozenberg, A. Salomaa eds.),
    Oxford University Press 2010, p. 554-583
  4. R. Ceterchi
    The Naturality of the Semantics of Recursion,
    in “Mathematical Linguistics and Related Topics” (Gh.Păun ed.),
    Ed. Acad. Rom. 1995, p.44-52
  5. R. Ceterchi
    Modeling DNA Recombinant Behavior with Fixed-Point Equations,
    in “Computing with Bio-Molecules: Theory and Experiments” (Gh. Păun ed.),
    Springer-Verlag, Singapore 1998, p. 340-352
  6. R. Ceterchi
    Some Algebraic Properties of Contexts and Their Applications to Contextual Languages,
    in “Where Mathematics, Computer Science, Linguistics and Biology Meet” , C. Martin-Vide and V. Mitrana editors,
    Kluwer Academic Publ., Dordrecht, London, Boston, 2001, p. 219-226
  7. R. Ceterchi, C. Martin-Vide, K.G. Subramanian
    On Some Classes of Splicing Languages,
    in “Aspects of Molecular Computing: Essays in Honor of the 70th Birthday of Tom Head” (N. Jonoska, Gh. Păun, Gr. Rozenberg Eds.), LNCS 2950,
    Springer Verlag, Berlin, 2004, p. 84-105
  8. R. Ceterchi, K.G. Subramanian,
    Grammar Systems with Context-free Rewriting and Flat Splicing,
    In: M. Gheorghe, I. Petre, M.J. Pérez-Jiménez, G. Rozenberg, A. Salomaa (eds.) “Multidisciplinary Creativity”, Hommage to Gheorghe Păun on His 65th Birthday,
    Editura Spandugino, 2015, p. 221—227
  9. R. Ceterchi, A.K. Nagar, K.G. Subramanian,
    Approximating Polygons for Space-Filling Curves Generated with P Systems,
    C. Graciani et al. (Eds.): Enjoying Natural Computing, Pérez-Jiménez Festschrift, LNCS 11270,
    Springer, 2018.