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NetAlert – Automatic tools for detecting abnormal behavior in computer networks

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Paul Irofti -- Project Coordinator

University of Bucharest:

Paul Irofti -- Principal Investigator
Nicolae Cleju -- Senior Researcher
Andrei Pătrașcu -- Senior Researcher
Cristian Rusu -- Senior Researcher
Andrei Hîji -- Assistant Researcher

Nextgen Software SRL:

Ana-Maria Paraschiv -- Principal Investigator
Vlad Gladin -- Researcher
Bonciu Emilian Cristian -- Researcher
Daniel Tache -- Researcher
Dan Negru -- Researcher
Cristian Valeriu Girlea -- Researcher
Alexandru Cocosila -- Researcher
Adrian Bogdan Sandu -- Technician


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[1] P. Irofti, A. Pătrașcu, and A.I. Hîji, “Unsupervised Abnormal Traffic Detection through Topological Flow Analysis,” in 2022 14th International Conference on Communications (COMM). 2022, pp. 1--6, IEEE. [ bib | DOI | http ]
[2] A. Pătrașcu and P. Irofti, “On finite termination of an inexact Proximal Point algorithm,” Applied Mathematics Letters, vol. 134, pp. 108348, 2022. [ bib | DOI | http ]


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Goal: NetAlert aims to create a hardware-software sensor solution for detecting anomalies in computer networks based on the monitoring and analysis of data packets.

The network-mounted sensor will provide real-time alerts on abnormal traffic behaviors using two complementary approaches:

(i) static analysis based on rules and behavioral patterns

(ii) machine learning (ML) analysis without prior expert knowledge

Check the set of required scenarios and features (in romanian) for further technical details of what needs to be accomplished.

Date: 10 September 2021 - 10 May 2023

Lab: Research Center for Logic, Optimization and Security (LOS)